How to overcome procrastination this semester

How to overcome procrastination this semester

Overcome procrastination this semester .This afternoon, the clock is ticking faster than usual. It’s the last day you can submit a term paper before the deadline. You are cursing and rebuking yourself for not starting the work earlier. But how did this happen? The professor gave out the task exactly four weeks ago. Where did you go wrong?

Every time you decided to start the task, something interjected you. What was that ‘something.’ You felt bored and carried forward the task to tomorrow morning, then to evening, and lastly to today (The last day of submission).

Am I speaking to you? If yes, then you are not alone!

‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ If we were to record statements of the victims, the police stations would be full. Most people are victims of procrastination. The habit has crept to the students, too, and the mess caused is just too big to assume.

Why should a studentwith the potential to get a distinction to get a pass? Could it be that he made his project proposal in a hurry such that he did not research appropriately?

This semester, we want you to change for the better. We have done in-depth research and written this to help you overcome this hurdle.

Following are some steps:

  1. Recognize you are procrastinating

This is the first and most crucial step among all. You cannot fight an enemy who is not there. I mean that you ought to agree that indeed I have a problem. Check when and where the rain started beating you. Write down some tasks that you have not finished on time, or tasks you’ve done in a hurry lately. Start reasoning with your self and think if there could be a difference if you took time doing the task appropriately. For instance, would you have got an A instead of the C grade in your term paper if you could have focused on doing it appropriately?

  • Identify reasons making you procrastinate

What made you procrastinate. Is it social media that stole your time? Did you say that you are replying to one text, and that was just a hook? In this step, you ought to write down and highlight the most repeated reasons for procrastinating.

Start avoiding the hooks until you are done; similarly, you can change the tactics to avoid the reasons. For instance, put the phone away from you while you start handling your tasks.

“The first two steps are to be done before going to the third step. They are precursorsto the following steps. Failure to pass through the first two, you may get it wrong, for you will not have the motive and zeal to overcome procrastination.”

  • Time management

Creating a to-do list is so easy. However, following the list is the hard part. Almost everyone has a to-do list. Some are physical to-do lists, while others are just virtual, i.e., in mind. When you write a to-do list, ensure that you keep the words and follow them. No one else can trust you if you are not honest with yourself.

  • Focus on starting rather than finishing

A long journey starts with a single step. When you check, this statement is so deep, unlike you think. Can you imagine a journey to space? The astronauts start with a few steps towards the spaceship! They fulfill the words of that statement to the letter. This means that even if it is a 40-page report, you will start it by typing a single word, then paragraphs, and finally, pages.

When you start focusing on the finish, you will lose track because you will see as if the task is too much and incompletable. You will carry forward your efforts and promise yourself to handle the task the first thing in the morning. Procrastination will have won that day!

  • Remove the distractions

Lack of organization can lead to procrastination. When you are not organized, you will possibly see that you needed a specific resource to handle that homework, but you don’t have it.This will make you post-pone on handling the assignment until you get the required resource.

You should commit yourself to that task and plan for it. Identify in advance the resource needed to accomplish the task, gather the resources, then gain your wits and bits, and commence the job. Committing to the task helps you to tackle the task proactively.

  • Know your most important goals and values

If you are procrastinating tasks with long term results, try to check how important they will be when you accomplish them. What does your degree mean to your parents? We know how important it is to your family and your community as well. Do it for them. In the long-run, you will realize that it was meant to help you too. Therefore, you should start your day with hard tasks. The hard task often is tedious tasks. Try to handle them before the second thoughts, that come to show you how tedious the task is, arrive. This increases the relevance of the task, thus increasing its value and meaning to you. We often overestimate the boringness of a task. Just give it a try, and you will realize that you had a wrong perspective towards the job.

  • Reward yourself-motivate yourself

Instead of punishing yourself because of the incomplete task, try and reward yourself for what you have already tackled. “self-talking’ is an excellent way to motivate yourself.

For instance, say this to yourself, ‘Kim, why are you fretting about this report? You have handled similar reports, and you will nail this one too.’

When you are done with the task, do not hesitate going out for coffee.


Some other ways in which you can avoid procrastinating is finding a companion. Someone with the same heartbeat as yours. One of whom will not adjust your level of procrastination to a new level but remind you that it is the thief of time.

How to overcome procrastination this semester

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