2.Title Tags and Meta Description

  1. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: In your favorite search engine, search the term “pizza restaurant in [town or city of your choice]”.  Take a look at the organic search results  (be sure you are not looking at ads), and find a listing that would likely see SEO benefit from an improved title tag and meta description.  Share in the discussion how it currently reads, and then share your improved title tag and meta description suggestions, and explain why you made the suggestions you did. 
  2. Question from your Reading:  Think about your reading and lectures this week and post one concept that you would like to discuss further. Is there anything you need more clarification on? Is there anything you have a question about, or would like to dive a little deeper into?  Or, is there anything you found particularly interesting and/or surprising?  (For this discussion, don’t  simply post a concept, but elaborate on why you have selected it, along  with your initial thoughts.)


Organic Search Results

There are several organic search results that would likely to see SEO benefit from improved title tags and meta-description. The title tag for the first one is “Sarpino’s Pizzeria Chicago | Lincoln Park Pizza Delivery‎”

Its meta- descriptions are as follow:


Sarpino’s Fast Free Pizza Gourmet Delivery, Order Online 15 % off, Open Late Register Online Login 1149 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL‎ – ‎Regular hours · 10:00 am – 4:00 am.

The second title tag is “The Best Pizza In Chicago | Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria | LouMalnatis.com‎.” Its meta-descriptions are as follow:

The Best Pizza In Chicago | Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria | LouMalnatis.com‎


Chicago’s Best Deep Dish Pizza, Since 1971. Handmade From Scratch!

Search Results

Local results Rating Price 


The organic search results of the two ads do not require any improvement because of the following reasons. First, the number of words use is below 50. It is necessary to use less word since Google tends to cut tag titles that are more than 60 words. Second, the tag titles use at least one keyword. The keywords in the search are “pizza” and “restaurant.” Last but not least, the first letter in most of the words in the title tags are capitalized; this essential since using small letter or capital letters in every letter is not attractive to the internet uses. The tag title acts as the actual title of academic paper.

On the other hand, meta-descriptions require some improvement. The first listed organic search result fail to tell the audience why he or she should click on the post. It only focuses on operating hours, discount, and the contact, but fails to mention something on the quality of the pizza. The second listed organic search result follows the same trend. In fact, it proceeds and gives unnecessary information that might be boring. In many cases, meta-description should be less than 150 words.

Title Tags and Meta Description

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