1.Appropriate Technology Identification

Appropriate Technology Identification

Supply Chain Management is a wide range of activities that are needed to plan, control, and execute the flow of goods and services, from acquisition of raw materials to distribution to the final customers. In the three industries, computerized chain management is mandatory. It allows the three companies to track their goods and services and for better visibility (Premkumar & Roberts, 2017). The technology enables real-time monitoring of the entire SCM process that includes shipping and invoicing. In the current world, companies can use technology products such as GPS devices, Smartphones and gadget to monitor the supply chain using wireless technology. However, the technology required for the three industries differs slightly. For instance, the manufacturing industry includeS acquisition of raw materials in SCM while the other two do not.

Manufacturing Industry:

Digital Advisory/Service Platform (DASP): The technology provides heightened customer engagement and experience with sales over multiple channels such as the web. The type of software technology will benefit both B2B and B2C businesses. It enables customers to purchase goods online rather than visiting physical stores. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The technology uses single piece software to connect business operations across the organization (Premkumar & Roberts, 2017). It takes into account the position of the area during resource allocation. The use of robots in manufacturing replaces human beings. It is cheaper, faster and accurate as compared to human beings.

Healthcare Industry

EMR (Electronic Medical Record): It replaces paper records by digitizing medical charts, keeping patient histories and making digital versions of charts. EHR (Electronic Health Record): It assists physicians to check patients’ history. It can also be used for diagnoses and treatment. Artificial Intelligence; It helps in storing a large amount of information compared to human beings.

Retail Industry:

The e-commerce software; it allows retailers to sell their products online. Inventory control software; It is a system to manages an organization’s inventory. The system tracks manage and organize products sales, material purchase and other processes that relate to production (Premkumar & Roberts, 2017). A non-software technology that is feasible in the type of business is BI (Business Intelligence). It aims at analyzing data, hence present actionable information that assists managers to make sound decisions.


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Appropriate Technology Identification

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