Social Work and Human Services

3. Scholarly Article Review: A review of a scholarly article allowing the course instructor to understand your knowledge of the course material and application of concepts.
Assignment: Locate and select a peer-reviewed article (between 2011 and 2016; emphasis on current research here) on one of the following subject matters: child sexual abuse, wife abuse, marital violence or rape, elderly abuse, same-sex abuse, or current interventions available to rehabilitate the abuser. Carefully read, critically analyze, and accurately summarize the article. Consider the following questions when writing your paper: what type of article is it (i.e. research, theoretical, literature review, etc); what is the objective of the article; does the writer offer information that is building on previous knowledge or is new material offered and questioned; and what do you identify as the article’s strengths and limitations separate from what the writer may have identified.
Evaluation Criteria: The paper should be 4-5 pages in length (no more, no less, and not including references), 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, including your name, and utilizing proper APA citation format. My article pertains to child sexual abuse. I am attaching a sample paper from the professor and two copies of the article “Living on the Edges: Between Victims and Survivors, the Voices of Abused Adolescent Girls”. Please let me know if the link works.

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