How NATO have affected globalisation

Many countries which are not members of NATO participate in the ISAF (The International Security Assistance Force) mission under NATO command. The participation of non-NATO countries in NATO missions raised the question of how far the NATO’S memberships should extend. If NATO was not geographically restricted to Europe and was already cooperating with non-NATO countries, why did it become a global alliance? Why not admitting countries such as Australia or Japan? The answer allies gave was that NATO was a transatlantic alliance with global reach, not a global alliance (Kitchen 2010: 107)
More contentious was the debate about the scope on NATO’s operations.  It is easy to assume that NATO is a regional alliance with a global influence. However, there is an ongoing debate on whether NATO should focus its attention on stabilizing violent conflicts. The French have argued that NATO should intervene where it is significant over countries involved in the Treaty (Kitchen 2010:107).

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